Friday, 29 January 2016

Personalised. BRING ME TEA! BRING ME COFFEE! paintings.

Hello. I've made a new series of paintings based around the song Alcoholics Unanimous.

Do you like Coffee or Tea? Do you often have a hangover? Do you often have a hangover so bad you can't even talk? What you need is a BRING ME TEA!/BRING ME COFFEE painting you can point too.

I have made 20 blue and 20 pink, numbered and signed BRING ME COFFEE paintings and 20 blue and 20 pink numbered and signed BRING ME TEA paintings.

I really enjoy painting the same thing over and over and seeing the subtle differences, but I also really enjoy making my art personal for the person that receives it.

In the painting the mug is blank, if you have a favourite mug you can personalise the painting by sending me a photo of it and I will paint it into the picture, so the mug in the painting will be of your favourite mug.

The paintings are acrylic on stretch canvas (18cm x 24cm) they cost £42 including postage to anywhere and are available from HERE

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