Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Hello painting buying people thank you for all the emails. I sold all three "Moved To LA" paintings in less than 24 hours though.

I'm writing that on here as a little bit of a boast but also because people keep emailing asking if they can buy them and I feel its better to deal with the disappointment here than it is with an email.

Also I have a confession to make

A while ago I said I only had five of the "Ignorance Is Bliss" paintings left. I've decided to come clean and be honest though and admit that although I intended to paint forty I only really painted thirty three as I ran out of canvas and started suffering from RSI. 

I've just promised a couple of people I'd make and sell them one each though, so I feel the time is right to finish the set. That leaves five for sale I'm telling the truth this time I wont be making anymore.

If you would like to buy an "Ignorance Is Bliss" painting email me at


They are twenty pounds each. The postage is free if you live in the UK and a couple of quid for the rest of the world.

Sorry again for lying.

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