Friday, 28 November 2008

My New Favourite Bands

I did an interview the other week with the NME about my favourite new bands. I was really hung over.It was the day after we'd played in Glasgow (the booziest place in the world).My mind was completely blank.The only new band I could remember that I loved was Lets Wrestle. Who I do think are brilliant but aren't really that new. I think Lets Wrestle along with The Indelicates have been my favourite new band for the last couple of years now.

So to set the record straight. Of the new bands I saw live this year I really liked The Franks

I think The Soft Packs are amazing

and Violet Violet are my favourite new band and its not just because they wrote THIS.

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DaveCromwell said...

Wow - The Indelicates and violet violet - we certainly *do* have more than a few things in common, Eddie