Thursday, 9 April 2009


Despite there being no Top Of The Pops. Art Brut have a single out this week.

Here are three non TOTP related reasons why you should buy it.

1) The art work is buy Jeff Lemire so even if your not a fan of our music it makes a very nice ornament/little square poster to put on your wall. Although I have to let you know if your not a fan of our music it is a bit odd that you are reading my blog. Perhaps your lost and looking for the actual Argos.

2) Just Desserts. This is the B-Side to the CD and is also the extra Download track. Its a bit different to the Black Francis produced version you could find on the internet the other week.

 I once got called 'Fatty Argos' by a Po-faced post punk revivalist  band on live television. Although not a retort to that, this song explains why I am a little bit 'festive'. I like Dessert a lot.

3) Positively 5th Street. This is the B-side on the Seven Inch. I really tried to get this song on the album it just didn't make it. Its a very bitter song about hanging around with people that bring you down. 

 As well as 'Just Desserts' and ' Weird Science' we're going to be playing 'Positively 5th Street' live when we tour. 

You can order the CD and Seven Inch HERE and Download it from Itunes HERE


Sam Morris said...


I might buy Jeff Lemire for personal use though


It was an accident. Terrible spelling. I thought it was worth keeping in as a piece of subliminal messaging though

Sam Morris said...

Well even if it only works on one or two people it will be worth that extra button press.

The Loss Adjuster said...

Any chance of getting the b-side version of "Just Desserts" or "Positively 5th Street" available to us unlucky American folk?

Colin said...

Your iTunes URL is:
"Is good. Aren't U2."

FX778 said...

Not post related, but what's most annoying about the leaked album - lost cash or that people who'd otherwise have read the lyric book absorbing interpretations like

"Paris, please, lock up your daughters
It's a (?), it's giving me orders"

song chosen purely at random

Maurice (Morro) said...

"i dont have to pay for it, i get it anyway"
*Tom Cruise in "Risky Buisness"... some of us have to work and will do anything before the face must come on for the other Joyce once said.

Anyway that is reference to the illegal downloading...i havent downloaded it, i must admit that is a shock even to me. I will get it though, on May 12th?. I might work myself to Ameoba and get an import (i hope they have it), or i could grab it on itunes, i think. Well, when i catch you in LA...can i beg you for a setlist. I am a fervent collector of music, autographs, setlists, drum stix, guitar picks, dvd's. I have a pretty good capital as a fan.
I ran into you on a drunk Westood night while incredibly drunk, it was a great show in March of '06

Looking forward to Art Brut week here in LA.


*good luck on your European tour.


Colin: I specifically chose that url and paid a bit extra out of my own pocket.

Loss Adjuster; I hope so.

Fx778; People getting the words wrong is more annoying. I worked especially hard on my diction too.

Morro; Im looking forward to Art Brut week in LA too and of course you can have a setlist for your collection