Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Lunge.

I have a friend, I wont name him, who has an unfortunate tendency. He calls it 'The Lunge'. It happens when he's talking to a girl he likes. Everything seems to be going well, she's laughing at his jokes, they might even be touching each others knees, lots of eye contact, flirting and then, just as its all coming together, he gets over excited and lunges in for a kiss. He is always a bit too early, scares the girl and ruins his chances. He has described it as only doing 85% of the work before trying to get paid.

Well America, today Art Brut are lunging at you for a kiss. Art Brut VS Satan was previously to be released May 12 but it is out today. Exactly 15% earlier than expected.

As far as your government is concerned. I don't live in America. So, obviously, I have no idea about the places you can buy our album from, so I cant link to them from here. I'm imagining its all the usual places though.

Off you trot, go and buy it. I hope we haven't scared you off.


DaveCromwell said...

Think I'll have a "lunge" around the music stores (sites?) and see where it's available. Cheers, Eddie!

goblins said...

Thanks Eddie, I bought the drm-free album for a great price from http://www.lala.com . It is great, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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petescully said...

funny enough i had a feeling it might come out early and asked in the local record store in davis, but no luck. Now i know it's out i'll ask harder, and try an american accent.