Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Some Things For Sale.

Since I put the link up for the Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now T-shirts. I've had a few emails from people who are having trouble buying them in the countries where they live so I have decided to set up this little shop

If you live in the UK it is still better to get your T-Shirts from HERE though as it will be easier and they have a larger range than me

In this little shop we have the Green T-shirt in Large and Medium they cost £20 each which includes postage and they look like this

We also have the limited edition screen prints (only about 15 left) you can only buy these here and they cost £15 including postage and they look like this.

and finally we also have this postcard painting from from the Acoustic Lakeside festival it is in acrylic on two canvasses costs £35 including postage and looks like this. (I will personalize it for the person who buys it)

I'm the shopkeeper so email me at