Monday, 28 June 2010

European Festivals.

Hello. Im playing at some festivals over the summer with a few different bands.

I'm doing one with Art Brut, a few with Everybody Was In The French Resistance..Now and a couple just as myself.

The ones just as myself will be sort of poetry events. Although I'll have Dyan and Ian playing acoustic guitar and piano with me. I'll be doing different songs from all different bands. Some EWITFR...N, some reworked Art Brut maybe a Glam Chops song and some Art Goblins. I haven't decided yet. I've also been writing some new songs, well lyrics, that might not fit on the next Art Brut record so maybe some of them too.

Anyhow here are the dates

We played Indie Tracks and Acoustic Lakeside last year and they were great. I wrote about them Here and Here.

People have been emailing me asking about Art Brut and what's going on. We're busy busy busy writing our 4th Album.

Hopefully see you at the festivals.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Postcards from EWITFR...N! - US Tour

I was painting postcards for every show of the US tour here is an example of some of them.

I ran out out of time and canvas though, about half way around America.

Now I'm home I'm already making some postcards for the shows that I didn't have time to on the road. I've already sold a few of them. But if you were at a show where there wasn't a postcard or if you really wanted to be at a show and couldn't make it and want to buy a postcard. Im now selling them from here.

Just email me at

The postcards come on two stretched cotton 5 x 7" canvases (one for what would be the front of the postcard and one for what would the back). They are painted with acrylic paints and cost $50. I'll pay the postage as it is my fault that they weren't ready in time for the shows.