Monday, 3 June 2013

10 Years! Motherfucker.

Art Brut are 10 years old, we celebrated our birthday by selling out the Scala in London and letting the audiance throw me up in the air a few times. Here is a photo.

It was great. We also got our two favourite people in the world to support us. Akira The Don and Keith Top Of The Pops. It was one of the greatest nights of my life thanks for coming down if you did. I'm still recovering.

To celebrate our birthday we releasesd a Best Of  with art work by one of my favourite artitsts Michael Riedel which you can see in this photo

and buy HERE

and a FREE iPhone app full of comics, snippets of the songs and all sorts of other great things that is HERE you should definitely get it.

I also made some Formed A Band style anniversary paintings that I've been selling at the shows. They look like this (before they are numbered)

There is a limited number left, they are 18cm x 24cm hand made and numbered by me on canvas in acrylic and silver spray paint. They cost £30 INCLUDING POSTAGE TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

and if you want one you can email me at