Monday, 23 May 2011

Art Brut Reunion Shows.

Hello. Art Brut's new album is out you should go and buy it. You can do that HERE and on vinyl HERE

How long do you have to be away, before you play a reunion show? The (brilliant) Death From Above 1979 only went away for five years before their reunion shows. I'm intending on trimming that down to two years. Art Brut's last album was out 2 years ago so this is a reunion tour.

To get around Europe on this reunion tour we are using a white van, with a Sat-Nav. This is a classic. A text book touring experience.

What is unusual about this tour though is that this Sat Nav has quite a peculiar sing song voice especially for a robot whose main purpose is to tell you what direction to go in. Because of this every time it informs us

'at the end of the road.....turn right'

I expect it to break into a version of 'At The End Of The Road' by Boyz 2 Men.

This started me thinking, I would like a singing Sat-Nav. It could tell you to Go West, Turn, Turn Turn, to U-Turn and to Spin it Right Round Baby Round Round. Then when it's limited song based directions got you lost, especially as they all seem to be about going round in circles, it could tell you that you were On The Road To Nowhere

I admit though it would get annoying after a few hours at which point we could just switch it off and Go Our Own Way.

Tonight we are playing at Trix in Belgium. Here is the postcard.

I write about why I make postcards HERE. I'm also selling the few 'Fuck Rock Let's Art' paintings I have left. See you at the T-Shirt Stand

All love Eddie Argos X

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Amsterdam. Postcard.

Our tour starts tonight at BITTERZOETT, Amsterdam (with Buster Shuffle ) tickets HERE I've been making postcards for every show I've played for more than a year now. For reasons I explain HERE. Above you can see a poorly taken photograph of the postcard for tonights show. It is painted across two postcard sized canvasses in acrylic paint. I fill in the 'back of the postcard' canvas to whoever buys the canvases. The two canvas set costs 40 Euro there is only one for each show. I also have a couple of the 'Fuck Rock Let's Art' canvases with me I only made 10. They are 50 Euro each. Or 55 if you buy one mail order. The paintings will be at the T-Shirt stall. See you there Edxx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pris - Blue Tack Baby.

I heard this song in the middle of the night. It was so good I thought I'd dreamt it. I think Pris are AMAZING. HERE are some more songs by them.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

European Shows. Postcards.

Our album is out next Monday you can hear it over HERE streaming at Paste magazine. Then our little European tour starts we are playing. 22 May. BITTERZOETT, Amsterdam (with Buster Shuffle ) tickets HERE 23 May. TRIX, Antwerp (with Buster Shuffle) tickets HERE 24 May . NOUVEAU CASINO, Paris (with Jonquil , When Saints Go Machine ) tickets HERE 25 May. LUXOR, Köln (with Buster Shuffle) tickets HERE 26 May . LEEVE, Berlin (with Great White Shark ) tickets HERE 27 May. LEEVE, Berlin (with Great White Shark) tickets HERE 28 May . MOLOTOW, Hamburg (with Great White Shark) tickets HERE I've been making postcards for every show I play for a while now for reasons I talk about HERE Here is quite a bad photo of the postcards I have made for these shows. There is another half to each one of those canvases which is a seperate painting of the back of the postcard. I fill in the other canvas and address it too the person that buys it. The pair of canvases will cost 40 Euro and I'll be selling one set for each show. Hopefully see you there Eddie X

Fuck Rock Let's Art.


I used to play the hoover in a band. When we played acoustically I'd play the dustpan and brush. That sounds like a joke but it's true. I've made 10 of these 'Fuck Rock Let's Art' paintings. They will all be individually numbered and signed by me in white paint. They are £55 (including postage) and made of black and white acrylic paint on a 24cm x 30cm canvas. They are not screen prints each is individually hand made. I am only making ten on canvas but may make a T-Shirt or Tote Bag.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Great Escape Brighton.

We played the Great Escape in Brighton on Saturday. I had so much fun that I didn't even mind having to miss Adam and Joe and Doctor Who to do it.

The version of Modern Art we played got so long an improvised that we had to drop 2 other songs off the setlist. One day soon I'm sure we are going to end up playing Modern Art for 1hr45min I apologize in advance.

It was a lot of fun and nice and busy. Due to the nature of the festival though the venue threw us out IMMEDIATELY after we played so they could put on a club called 'Back To 1985'. I decided not to stay for that.

Because we were ejected from the building though. I neglected to sell my Postcard for Brighton. So if you want to buy it email me at

It is a painting across two postcard sized canvases. I fill in the 'back of the postcard' canvas with what happened and address it to you and then pop it in an enevelope with the other half of the painting and send it you.

It costs £40 (I'll pay for the postage and I'll use real stamps too not homemade ones)

I write about why I make postcards HERE

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Art Brut Week.

Hey Art Brut week at the Lexington is Monday 30th of May till Friday June the 3rd.

Here are some of the bands who are playing with us.

Monday 30th

Tuesday 31st

An AMAZING band we're not allowed to announce and Keith TOTP And His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All Star Backing Band buy Tickets HERE

Wednesday 1st

Thursday 2nd

Baddies SOLD OUT

Friday 3rd

Bearsuit SOLD OUT

And we'll obviously be playing an entirely different set each night.

See you there XX

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Brilliant! Tragic! The Comic Book.

I don't think it's a secret that I'm a massive fan of comic books. So for Art Brut's new album Brilliant! Tragic! we decided we would compile a comic book version of Brilliant! Tragic! to release at the same time. It has lots of my favourite artist's contributing to it.

In alphabetical order

I've seen most of it and it looks AMAZING. I'm still over the moon and incredibly flattered that these artists took time out to work on it. I cant wait to hold the print copy in my hands.

Now this is where you come in. I always loved reading the letters column in comics. Booster Gold's was called The Gold Exchange and I used to read it before I read the story to help build the anticipation. I could never write into The Gold Exchange though as I was buying the comics second hand five years later. You can however write into the Brilliant! Tragic! comic with any question you have and we will endeavor to answer the best ones.

Barnaby Fudge will be in charge of answering the questions so address them to him at

or in the comments section below (I know that he reads my blog)

Biff! Bang! Hangover!

I wrote a new Pow! To The People it is about the Top Shelf comic Liar's Kiss. I liked it.

You can read what I wrote about it HERE.