Monday, 13 February 2012

Psychotic Reaction Set List.

Last Thursday I DJ-ed with my friends Nathaniel, Joel and Dyan at a club called Psychotic Reaction. We all played awesome songs but it was not very busy. I've recreated my set-list here so you can all dance to the songs now in your respective houses. These are just the songs I played. I can't remember what Nathaniel and Joel were playing as I was too busy getting drunk, dancing and enjoying myself during their fantastic set.

This is the set

Ride Your Horse by The Galaxies And The Regulars
Down In Mexico by The Coasters
The James Brown by The Henchmen
Scrooey Mooey by The Peels

Reincarnation by Kim Fowley

Cowboys Are Square by The Headcoats
Cool Britannia by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
Psychedelic Siren by The Daybreakers
Number One by The Ruttles
Big Bird by Eddie Floyd
How Is The Air Up There? by La De Das

Hey Baby by The Bristols
First Cut Is The Deepest by The Koobas

My Dear Watson By The Headcoats
Dirty Water by The Standells
So What by The Lyrics
Ca PlainePour Moi by The Headcoatees

Strychnine by The Sonics
Farmer John by The Premires
For God Sake Give More Power To The People by The Chi-Lites
Twenty Flight Rock by Eddie Cochran
Five Years Ahead Of My Time by Third Bardot
Der Feuerestuhl by Die Grazy Girls

The Clapping Song by Shirley Ellis
Fight Fire By The Golliwogs
Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Robert Hazzard

Highway 61 Revisited By Bob Dylan
When Will We be Paid For The Work We've Done - The Staple Singers

It wasn't quite in that order (I was drunk so I can't remember) We definitely ended with When Will We Be Paid... though.