Monday, 28 July 2008


The evidence is HERE. two places higher than Radiohead.

People will tell you that the Spin downloads section is not to be used as yard stick of greatness.

People will also tell you that its because the Radiohead track is only a cover.

People will even tell you that the Spin downloads section is in a non specific order and in no way sorted by order of greatness.

I say to all those people: I don't care, I know we're better than Radiohead as Radiohead are rubbish.


Mr Solo has started making a Glam Chops comic strip,here is the first one.

Saturday, 26 July 2008


I've done an interview with the Andy Von Pip Musical Express you can find it HERE.

Its very informative. I even found out some things about myself that I didn't know.

I'm a darling of the New York Bo-Ho art scene?

I wish I'd known that about myself sooner.I would have had a T-Shirt made.

My Mum is going to be very proud.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I'm in L.A at the moment finishing off the "Everybody Was In The French Resistance..Now" album.Its going very well we've twelve full on pop songs recorded and I'm just adding the last couple of vocals tomorrow,before we add trumpet and live drums.

I think my favourite of the songs at the moment is probably going to be called "The Ballad of Waldo P Emerson Jones" and is definitely the most obscure reference on the album.Its a prequel to my favourite "Archie's" song "Waldo P Emerson Jones" which it turns out is most famous for being covered by a band called "The Gothees".

On my flight over I read an article in the Independent about the return of the mix tape in which they asked people about their favourite tapes that have been made for them and what they would put on a tape for other people.I honestly think it is possible to guess the entire content of Miles Kane from "The Rascals" tape. Go on have a go and then see how many you got right by looking HERE.

How many out of 12 did you get right? I actually only got 11 as I fully thought he was going to have Imagine by John Lennon.

The article reminded me of a teacher from my secondary school called Mr Dawson who made me a mix tape and how much that tape got me interested in music.

From memory (the tape is at home) it had

Lenny Valentino by The Auteurs

Set The Controls for The Heart of the Pelvis by Barry Adamson (Featuring Jarvis Cocker)

Top of The Pops by The Blue Aeroplanes

Theres a Cloud over Liverpool by The Times

It Fell Off The Back of a Lorry by Denim

and a lot of Super Furry Animals,Animals that Swim and The Animals

although I might be mis-remembering that last bit.There was also a Manic Street Preachers song ,that I recorded over so it wouldn't ruin the tape.

This mixtape entirely changed my life especially "TOTP" by the "Blue Aeroplanes" and "There's a cloud... "by "The Times". It was before the internet so I didnt know who the song was by and I bought a lot of very good records desperately trying to find out who sung it.I wish I knew where Mr Dawson was so I could thank him.

I found out the other day that Dave Newton who is doing an amazing job of producing "Fixing The Charts Vol 1" the album by "Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now" played guitar on "TOTP" by The Blue Aeroplanes and probably a few other songs on the tape.Dave also owns the Telecaster that Donna Matthews used on the Elastica album which we have since used to record "Superglue" our response to "Vaseline".

There is something very satisfying about writing an album of responses to pop songs and having coincedinces like that happen.I'm hoping to find out that either Dyan or I are related to Waldo P Emerson Gothee Jones III from "The Gothees"

I'm also well aware its pretty easy to guess what would be on a mix tape by me too and that people in glass houses should probably get their girlfriends to check their punctuation, spelling and grammar before they post their blogs.

Friday, 18 July 2008


I now write a fortnightly column about comics called "Pow! To The People" you can read it HERE

I really fucking love Booster Gold.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Vichy Regime

To celebrate the re release of one of the greatest albums ever Hefner's "The Fidelity Wars" here is a (very) Lo Fi cover version of the last track from it.

Brought to you by the same people behind Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now.

Sung and recorded into a Laptop about a month ago,I've just been slack about getting it up.

I suppose when we do straight covers we should be called the Vichy Regime.

It was also recorded (due to a series of unusual coincidences) to celebrate the wedding of Josh Baze to Allie Burnet so Congratulations to them on their Wedding I wish I could have seen them dance to it.

Friday, 4 July 2008


Last nights radio session is on play back HERE.We open the show then play two songs with an interview about forty minutes later,but obviously listen to the whole show because its Marc Riley and he is ace.

One of my favourite things about Glam Chops is explaining to people in service stations that I'm covered in make up because I play in a Glam Rock band and I'm on the way home from a show.

Our next show is at Artrocker at the Buffalo bar this Tuesday its free entry if your a member so go and join.

and HERE is a taster from when we played Stay Beautiful to tempt you down or frighten you away depending on how you feel about Trad Glam.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Glam Chops Played at Boring By The Sea in Weymouth on Sunday,their first European Festival.

In the day before the show (it is always a show with Glam Chops we've decided never a gig) we visited Weymouth Sea-Life Center in Lodemoor Park as unlike most Glam bands we dont drink like fishes we just.... like fishes.

We like fishes so much we very nearly missed our show which was at a place called Banus on 
the sea the front I'm not sure how you pronounce it I'm guessing like anus but with a B in front as after we played I went to the bar downstairs to buy a drink and the bartender told me to leave as there were "normal" people drinking there and I wasn't allowed to stay,this is exactly the sort of segregation  my people have suffered since the early Eighties.I advise all those in the Glam Community to steer clear of this bar.

The rest of the Boring By The Sea Festival was fantastic I'm sad I didn't get to meet the fella that organised it I wanted to congratulate him on his amazing acheivment it was a cracking line up and full of brilliant people. Glam Chops fell in love with Weymouth especially everybody at The Queens Hotel I cant wait to come back and play for them.

Glam Chops are probably the only band in the world who have the organizational skills to get stuck in Glastonbury traffic on the way home without actually playing Glastonbury,especially as that traffic was about 70 miles in the wrong direction,still we did get to see stonehenge.

Dont forget we're playing the Marc Riley Show on Radio 6 this thursday and the Deaf Institute in Manchester afterwards.