Friday, 28 September 2012

Fade To Grey.

I hate any music that is not guitar music. Or at least I thought that was how I felt.

Apparently my flatmate Mark has been sneaking into my room when I'm asleep and playing me minimal wave and electropop from the time period 1978 - 1984.

Turns out I now love it. So much in fact that we have decided to start a club night to share his AWESOME record collection with you. The launch night is Tuesday 2nd at Dazzle Danzclub on Danziger Strasse. Come and get drunk with us. It is €5 entry. Whoop!

Mark's radio shows are HERE if you want to have a listen.

and here is the AWESOME poster.

Pull Out Posters Are Fucking Awesome.

Pull Out Posters Fucking Rule!
Remember pull out posters? Perhaps the NME still has them I'm not sure I haven't read it in so long..
Anyway if I had a magazine -which at the present time I unfortunately do not- I would fill the middle of the magazine with pull out posters to save me having to write anything on those pages. However my pullout posters would not be of scowling boys holding guitars that is boring and has been done to death my posters would have thinly veiled threats on them and probably a lot of swearing.

In fact I have decided that I am not going to let the fact I don't have a magazine deter me from releasing a pull out poster. I am going to release the first pull out poster by itself, sans magazine. You can use your imagination to figure just out how awesome the actual magazine would be if it existed. You can even make up the name.

My first pull out poster is taken from my very popular painting 'Death To Everything That Is Not Guitar Music' the camera did a weird thing when I took the photo and made this rather nice collage effect.
It is on A3 glossy paper and will be folded in half with staple holes in the middle. It will also be signed by me and numbered as Pull Out Poster From Hypothetical Magazine.

If you are interested in buying a poster from a hypothetical magazine you can email me at

They are 10 pounds ( a lot of which is postage) to anywhere in the world or 6 Euros from  any Lo Fi Punk Rock Mother Fuckers show.

Also if you would just like it as a poster (its on good quality paper) I can write 'I have no imagination and don't like the idea of a hypothetical magazine' on it roll it up carefully and send it to you in a tube for £12 (including postage)
(if you would like some swearing on it, I can probably add the word fuck with a pen too)