Sunday, 24 July 2011

Acoustic Lakeside

I love the Acoustic Lakeside. This was my third year.

You can read about my previous visits HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

I think because of those previous visits, I've earned a bit of a reputation with the people who run the festival. This was confirmed when they handed me a small bottle of Jagermeister at the airport and then again when they immediately handed me a pint of beer as I arrived at the festival.

They tried to put the beer straight into my right hand, I'm quicker than that though. I knew what they were doing. They were playing the drinking game Buffalo. They are obsessed with it at this festival. This time they'd made signs and even badges. I suspect that next year it will be called the Lakeside Buffalo festival.

As we'd stepped in at the last minute, due to the Subways having to pull out, only Ian and I could make it to the festival. We played a very stripped down set, just him on acoustic guitar and me shouting. Which was fun for me as I got to pretend I was Jonathan Richman. I definitely wasn't straight though. I was a bit tipsy.

We pulled it off though and had loads of fun. I think my favourite part was being carried around on someones shoulders to our song Modern Art.

Then we got drunk and hung out. I think Acoustic Lakeside festival is the best place in the world to get drunk and hang out. Every year I've made more and more friends, to where it reached a point this year where it felt like I was friends with absolutely everybody there. Which is exactly what you want at a festival, especially as they were all buying me drinks.

I cant really remember much of the evening. I definitely watched Thees from Tomte's new band whilst some new friends translated everything he said for me, then I danced with Thees for a bit. My final memory is of seeing a naked guy dancing on the stage. That is when I decided to leave. Anymore drink and I might have been that guy and no one wants that.

I had a great time at Acoustic Lakeside, and hope I get to go again next year, when it is renamed the Buffalo festival.

I make a post card for every show I play for reasons I have explained HERE and have made one for Lakeside. It is £40 including postage and looks like this.

It is on two canvases slightly larger than the canvases I normally use and made of acrylic paint and sharpie pen.

I fill out the postcard to the person who purchases it.

If you are interested email me at

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fuck Rock Let's Art

I used to play the vacuum cleaner in a band. When we played acoustically I'd play the dustpan and brush. This sounds like a joke but it's true.

I made some Fuck Rock Let's Art painting's the other week. They sold really fast. They were a limited series of 10.

I've made some new smaller more affordable versions. These paintings are limited to 20 and numbered by me in white paint.

They are in acrylic paint on 12cm X 8cm canvas and cost £22.50 each. (including postage to anywhere in the world)

You can contact me at

or push this button

I have other paintings for sale in my shop HERE

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Brilliant! Tragic! The Comic.

Hey the Art Brut comic is now available to buy online.

We got all of my favourite comic book artist/people to contribute. I'm still not quite sure how we managed to do it and am incredibly flattered that they took time out to work on it.

so thank you..

I was thinking of keeping every single copy for myself as I am quite the collector but although it would be cool to be the only person to own thousands of copies of this comic. It would also be very selfish of me. So you can now buy it from HERE

Sunday, 3 July 2011

US Tour Second Half.

Leaving Canada for the US was an adventure.

It felt like we were sneaking back into the country via a secret route. We drove over a number of bridges that could just hold one vehicle, took a number of detours because some bridges weren't complete and didn't see another a car or van for the majority of the journey. Even the guy from US customs who checked our passports and told us he'd never heard of our band did all his work from within what looked like an abandoned house.

It didn't get much better when we entered the US we took this 'Freeway' all the way to Maine.

So after driving through the woods for a few hours we ended up in Maine. We had a day off so Ian and I spent it mainly eating Lobsters (Maine-ly?) It was great.

Refreshed we arrived in Boston rocked the fuck out and played our brand new song Atlanta Girls. I love playing songs live for the first time and pretending that any mistakes we make are part of some new avant-garde direction.

Then on to The Black Cat in DC and Maxwells in NJ. Both favorites of mine too. We have played these venues a lot. So often in fact that before we left for this tour we joked about making a T-Shirt that said 'Art Brut- The Glass Ceiling Tour' I don't care though I hope we play those venues forever, I love them. They were both all ages shows with actual kids turning up some who weren't even born when Formed A Band came out. I thought this was pretty cool, especially as a 7 year old in NJ had mad his own T-Shirt. I was literally talking to the kids, I think I taught them some new swear words.

Next up was our Brooklyn show at Williamsburg Music Hall. We had played there before too back when it was called North 6. It's nicer now. I really enjoyed the show and our new record label The End brought us a bottle of Brooklyn Gin as a present. This ended badly for me as later in the night fueled by the Gin I thought it would be hilarious to hide in the cupboard in the Hotel room whilst Mike and Jasper went out to buy beer and then leap out and suprise them when they got back. Unfortunately when they were at the off license they got invited to a party and went there instead of coming straight back. To be fair to them they did invite me to the party but I had been asleep in the cupboard for about an hour by the time I got the phone call, so decided to just go back to sleep.

I woke up in the cupboard the next day with just enough time, to go downstairs and get in the van, no time for a shower. We went and recorded the drunkest radio session in the world and then went to stink up the Marvel offices with the strong smell of stale booze that permeated from our bodies, breath clothes and hair.

You can read a bit of what we got up to at the Marvel offices HERE. Im amazed Janna managed to turn it into anything vaguely understandable. It was great fun meeting all the people that work there. I wish we could have taken them all to the pub and hung out unfortunately though we had to fly home and besides that i think we were scaring them a little.

We're next over for Sunset Junction in LA and a show at the Independent in SF see you then.