Friday, 15 July 2016


I've been to the post office everyday this week with paintings so if you are waiting on a painting it should be with you any day now.

I took a stock take also so if you are interested in any of these paintings this is how many I have left of each.

Because I charge in £, if you are an American, I guess these paintings are now kind of on sale. The terrible depressing Brexit sale.

(Personalised) Bring Me Tea!! (Blue) 2 left.

(Personalised) Bring Me Coffee! (Blue) 2 left

(Personalised) Bring Me Tea !(Pink) 3 left.

(Personalised) Bring Me Coffee! (Pink) 2 left.

St Pauli with Lyrics 5 left.

Transparent Mix Tapes 7 left.

Hennessy Painting 1 left (of 2)