Monday, 25 February 2008


The UK's foremost orthodox glam band are playing an intimate show at the guided missile club,on 8th of march.

it will be exactly like this.

but then they have to give their name back to it's rightful owners who live in bath.

Any suggestion's for a new name would be gratefully recieved.


Anonymous said...

Howsa bout...Obsolete Washing Powder?
It doesnt mean anything but its been stuck in my head. Its probably
A. too long.
B. too ridiculous.
Or... The Deflated Ones? I just came up with that now watching an inflatable bed be deflated at the same time as listening to Suedes "Insatiable One"

Errmmm no. Maybe something more Glam. Eyes Cry Glitter? Thats sounds emo?

Glam bang?
erm...scraping the barrel now.
Or you could just call yourself WAZ after that film that Edie dint star in.

Hope this is of some assistance.
I doubt it though.

St. Renegade said...

Ugh, I hate to be a complete square but there are some major punctuation problems here. Example: This' page has many problem's with the apostrophe. I direct you to, but I do so with non-judgemental, respectful love.

Anonymous said...

i always like 'violet mike hunt' (sound a bit like 'violate my cunt' you see).

or name yourself after a brand and get some financial and product backing. ie;

allure homme sport


mickey finn's