Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Hello,I have some Paintings for sale.There is a big painting,he doesn't have a price,email me if your interested,and we'll discuss it.

I think prints are impersonal so I've made 10 replica's on postcard sized stretched canvas (12cm x 18cm) with acrylic paint,I wont be replicating it again,they are 40 pounds each,plus P&P.

Every painting comes with the song "Thank You,For Buying a Painting (postcard/tree's)" with a personalised sleeve.

all Enquiries to eddie.argos.resource@gmail.com

as you can see I'm also growing a beard.


Anonymous said...

nice works, eddie. are you going to be in london in april at all?

Anonymous said...

Like the beard though


wasn't sure what to charge so did some research,seems fair enough for the work effort and materials though and have already sold 3.

Anonymous said...

The facial hair makes you look slightly like a student teacher

Anonymous said...

I have a multi-part question. The first part is potentially very daft, the second part is serious musing:

1) What does it mean? I suppose as an artist you probably don't want to explain your work, but I'm just curious.
2) Say I'm American and I'm interested in buying one of the smaller ones. But say I'm buying it for someone who lives in the UK. So shipping would stay in the country, but payment would be coming from the US with dreaded US currency rates. Would this be possible or, do you think, too much trouble? Could/Would payment be through Paypal? I'm just curious before I make a serious-er offer!


Hello Anonymous,if you email me at eddie.argos.resource@gmail.com

I can answer your questions

Stuart said...

I like it. Very wintery. I think you should call it
"Brrrrr, cold"

Anonymous said...

will you do more artwork for sale in the future? I missed my chance this time.

nice beard!

Cate Lawrence said...

Interesting art, makes me think of naked trees and barcodes and such.I've sent you an email.

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