Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I started this blog as a place for me to keep track of all the different things I was up to and to put pressure on myself to make sure that I kept doing them.

I wrote it in the third person to begin with because I thought it would be funny to imagine somebody else chronicling all the daft things I get up too.I soon got bored of that of that though and started writing it as myself.

Once that happened I intended on writing it everyday to unblock my head and help me with my writing  much in the same way Richard Herring does with his blog "Warming Up".

I started to think about what to write each day and kept coming up with ideas along the lines of ...."I feel I've got some sort of disease as I keep accidently singing lines of songs aloud in public places without noticing until people are openly staring at me" or "I have three different Oyster cards and instead of keeping the one I know has got money on it in a safe place or taking all three with me when I travel.I've started playing my own version of russian roulette.Only taking one with me and hoping that it has enough money on it to take me where I want to go."

These felt like they should be livejournal entries but I resisted the urge to write them in livejournal for fear of turning the internet into a virtual version of my bedroom.

My bedroom is filled with many notebooks with half thought out plans over a few pages in each.Half written songs, an idea for a story, different song ideas for different bands,lists of names for bands and ideas of things I could blog about.Those are just the notebooks that have managed to work there way into my bed turning it into more of a notebook nest the somewhere to sleep.

My room is a mess of notebooks and I am determined not to turn the internet into a mess of my blogs so I am intent on keeping all of my blogs in the same place here on this blog.

With the exception of  this one  http://fuck-rock-lets-art.blogspot.com

My new very pretentious blog in which I try and paint a picture for every song I've ever written.

There are three paintings in there already including a new one for the even newer Art Brut song Moved To LA.

Blogging about blogging feels so much like it should be a Livejournal entry it physically hurt me to write it here.


Unknown said...

that's really bloody pretentious. is there a ??? notebook? or page, even? xxx

Manky Smooch said...

I do adore notebooks myself, jotting down everything that makes me raise an eyebrow...
Keep it up and I'll read you !


Jordan. I'm going to try and keep it up.

James I told you ??? are avant garde.There is no notebook.I've written our songs on a tambourine which Ive locked in a vault and buried in the garden.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind if we came around and dug it up?