Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Here is a List of our New York shows and the bands that we're playing with.

June 1st Demander, The Picture

We met Demander when we did the American NME tour with The Hold Steady. They are ACE. I cant wait to see them live again.

The Picture sound a bit like James to me.

June 2nd Murder Mystery, Les Sans Culottes

I have been visiting Murder Mystery's Myspace everyday for weeks. I love them. They remind me a little bit of The Magnetic Fields. Even if you cant make it to the show go to their myspace have a listen and buy their record. Here is their AMAZING video to Love Astronaut

Les Sans Culottes are awesome. They sound like a Damaged Goods band. I just had to go and check that they haven't released a record on Damaged Goods that I'd missed. I dont know why I dont already own records by them. Fantastic french glam.

June 3rd Tiny Masters Of Today, U.S Royalty

I dont know much about U.S Royalty but just went to their myspace and like their song Raincoats.

We met Tiny Masters Of Today when we were on Mute. I saw them about a month ago they were punk as fuck. I love their song Pop Chart

June 4th Cymbals Eat Guitars, Phil And The Osophers

Phil and The Osophers are ace they remind me of The Wave Pictures and Jonathan Richman with bit of Ezra Furman thrown in (although I am notorious for hearing comparisons between bands that arent really there)

Cymbals Eat Guitars are brilliant. Jasper played them to me a while ago their songs sound massive. Cant wait to see them live. They are playing with us in Philidelphia too

June 5th Jeffery Lewis, Keith Top Of The Pops And His UK/US Indie Minor Celebrity All Star Backing Band.

Im a massive fan of Jeffery Lewis. I've been trying to play a show with him since we started playing shows. Slap Dash For No Cash on our new album is a little bit about him. He is great

I play Bass for Keith in his UK Indie Minor Celebrity Backing Band. I'm terrible and yet his amazing songs always shine through. My favourite at the moment is 'Two Of The Beatles Are Dead' HERE is an entire show he played recently in London.

I think someone made me draw a fantasy band line up poster once for a magazine both Jeffery Lewis and Keith were on that poster.

The last two nights have sold out. I'm just boasting by writing about them here.

Although there are a few tickets available for the first three nights you can get them HERE

and Philidelphia HERE


DaveCromwell said...

I'm so there.


Kate said...


Unknown said...

Any idea who's supporting in Seattle? (And please don't start playing until 9.45!)

Anonymous said...

any luck planning an all ages show for new york?

Jaleeb Caru said...

Been seeing some of the shows from Mercury on the confounded YouTubey you whippersnappers think is so groovy and they've really looked like a grand time.

I was planning on doing two or three of the shows, but ended up getting a gig that ran all week and while in this economic climate (especially for video production) it's truly a blessing, every day it's felt like an onus.

I'm 35 and I've been walking around all week bitching about missing the shows like a little girl.

Anyway, I can't wait to hear the complete lineup of Keith and the TOTP from tonight (isn't Black Francis in town? At least I thought he was last week for some reason).

Have (another) great show and I hope your back feels better, I too come from a long line of bad backs so I can dig it.

I know I don't have to tell you but rock on. Always rock on.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Lewis + Art Brut = BEST SHOW EVER