Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Daily Habit

The Daily Habit is an extreme sports TV show based in Los Angeles. We have been on it a few times. This may be because I used to pretend in German interviews that I was a pro skateboarder that had to stop after an accident, but probably not.

We were last on it a couple of months ago, but Im only just fully reading all my emails now. They sent me some embeded video link things, that I've just found so I thought I'd stick them here.

Here is DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake. Art Brut make Jasper do funny walks/dances when we're bored if you look very quickly at the start of this video you can see a bit of his dance 'The Crab"

And here is Alcoholics Unanimous. It took a couple of takes to record it because people kept thinking it had finished when it hadn't and applauding in the gap which is why I am turning around to applaud the rest of them in the gap. Well that and I think they are AMAZING.

Its worth going to have a look at their site there are some pretty good bands on it. Its HERE

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