Wednesday 6 January 2010

David Devant and His Spirit Wife

David Devant and His Spirit Wife are one of my favourite bands.

There was a documentary made about them in the late Nineties. I have it on VHS so consequently I haven't seen it in about 10 years. I often check youtube though to see if someone has uploaded it.

Today I was rewarded. A load of new David Devant videos including the documentary 'Oh No Not David Devant Again! ' have been uploaded.

Here it is

Their short film Light On The Surface was uploaded too. it is HERE and HERE

The album that they are talking about the release of at the end of the documentary is 'Shiney On The Inside' . One of the greatest records ever made. If you dont already own it I urge you to track it down.

I think it is available HERE their first album Work Love Life Miscellaneous is available on itunes too check it out.

Vessel/ Mr Solo / Mikey the lead singer of David Devant and His Spirit Wife has a blog/website it is HERE

and David Devant and His Spirit Wife are playing 100 club on the 4th Feb you should go.


Unknown said...

and you can join the group to get them on Radio 2 next week:

csurname said...

I wish the albums were easier to find.

petescully said...

This is too brilliant, honestly, cheers for posting this (and to lillian who uploaded them). And yes, Shiney is a fantastic album, I still have my signed one that was sent to me when it was first printed, and sometimes i still wear the shiney badge. Some of my favourite gigs were from the Shiney days (post-wig-burning).

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