Monday 2 August 2010

Indietracks Postcard

Everybody Was In The French Resistance…Now played Indietracks last week. Indietracks is a brilliant festival, one of my favourites and the line up this year was great. I’m just gutted we couldn’t stay the whole weekend. I’m especially sad about missing The Pooh Sticks reunion, as well as M.J Hibbert and Shrag

We did get to see Veronica Falls and Allo Darlin, though, who were both brilliant.

Indietracks is definitely the most ‘Indie’ festival in the world. Before we played I was lying in the grass being nosey and listening to the conversations different groups of people were having around me. To prove my point: one conversation was about sending off for 7-inch records from the back of the Melody Maker and having to get your mum to sign the cheque, and another was about Jad Fair’s album that he recorded with Teenage Fanclub. It was nice. I felt at home and wanted to join in with both conversations.

I think the show went very well. I definitely enjoyed it. Ironically (as I hate them) my favourite part of our set is when we break into a little bit of a U2 song. I especially enjoyed doing that in front of a load of fans of indiepop. Here is a snippet of video from it.

Although we had to leave almost immediately after we played, I still managed to blag both the new Wimpy Milkshake and the new Shrag album. Both are brilliant and I think are out later this month. You should definitely buy them when they are released.

I’ve made some postcards for Indietracks. Each postcard set is on two 5x7” canvases. One canvas is the front of the postcard, and the other is the back. I fill in the back with what happened that day. It costs £35 for the set.

Thats quite a shaky photo of the painting as I only have a camera on my phone.

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20nd said...

It was GREAT to be there, since the revolutionary French score till the "tarted A Side Project" stuff! And Dyan skirt was totally ace!

Anonymous said...

You guys are just good clean fun!

Pitseleh said...

It was great and I'll be waiting for you to play next year somehow. Indietracks Mascot!

MJ Hibbett said...

I was amazed by The Pooh Sticks - somehow I thought they'd be rubbish, but they were GRATE!

Delia Sparrow said...

i remember seeing pooh sticks in the olden days and don't really remember anything about them BUT they threw 7" singles into the audience. Really good ones too - not their own (not that they wouldn't have been good) but things like The Monkees and Nancy Sinatra and cool soul singles...I fought for those singles!

ian said...

I particularly liked watching people film and photograph you when you were being Bono. It said something about the postmodern age in which we live.