Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Art Goblins.

My first band from when I was 17 The Art Goblins got back together for John Peel Day. My friend Adie Nunn filmed the whole thing here it is in three parts

If you are interested the set list is;

1)Fuck Rock Let's Art
3)Are You Afraid Of The Art?

-------Climb Into And Then Escape From Sack-----

4)I Wanna Be Johnny Dean
6)Fuck The MSP
8)A Special Cover For John Peel Day

I said it would be the last show. I've changed my mind though as it was too much fun.


Unknown said...

These are just great Arg :-)

Salvatore Giuseppe said...

That guy was absolutely murdering the violin bow during "I wanna be Jimmy Dean". I would have felt bad for it, had the song not been so great

T. said...

Great, but we wait for our Argos' Xmas song, don't we ?