Monday 27 June 2011

Mad Thing I What I Wrote For Los Campesinos.

For their new issue of Heat Rash Los Campesinos have asked a few people about a conversation they have had. They asked me when I was on tour in the US last week and in my confused state I thought they wanted a lot more than they did. They only wanted a few sentences and I wrote quite a bit. So I thought I'd send them a different thing consisting of a few sentences and put the mad thing I wrote here, so it wasn't completely wasted. So here it is.

Mad Thing I What I Wrote For Los Campesinos.

Los Campesinos asked me to write something about a interesting conversation that I have had at any point in my life. When they asked me (via email) the parameters for what I could write about were pretty broad. The email explained that it can be a conversation that I’ve had over the phone, or a chat I’ve had with a friend over a cup of coffee , the email even went on to say that even an email exchange would suffice.

Sounds easy right? Just think about an interesting conversation and write it down. Unfortunately though I’ve been struggling with this (which is why I’m sending this to them at the last possible minute, sorry again Ellen). Now I’m not sure if it’s because of the company I keep, because I’ve been put on the spot to suddenly think of something or just because of my shocking memory but I can’t think of one single interesting exchange I’ve had with a person ever in my entire life. The only interesting conversation I can think of –rather tellingly- is one I had with myself in a dressing room mirror in Seattle after I’d lost my mind a little through drinking, but I don’t think I want to share that with you.

That might actually be the problem. I’m in the middle of a long tour of America at the moment and I’m sure when I get back home, I’ll have a flash of realization and inspiration will strike but at the moment all my energy is being used up trying to work out how to clean my clothes and finding something to eat that isn’t covered in melted cheese. In fact probably the most interesting conversation I’ve been having is the backwards and forwards emailing between me and Los Campesinios with them trying to get this piece of writing of off me. Now I’ve written it and sent it. I’m afraid that conversation has finished too. So as you can probably tell I’ve intentionally written something that strays outside of the parameters they’ve asked of me. In the vain hope it won’t be good enough and the conversation will continue. So next time I’m asked about an interesting conversation I’ve had recently I can use the chain of emails as the answer.

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