Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sunset Junction Cancelled.

I'm an optimist. I really thought it was going to happen right until the very last second. I was listening to the live stream of the Board Of Public Works Meeting with my fingers crossed. I got so into listening to it in fact that I forgot it was real and was completely caught of guard when it didn't have a happy ending for me.

Sunset Junction got cancelled.

This is paticuarly bad news for Art Brut as we have non-refundable tickets to LA that we can't really afford without the festival. So instead of packing for our travel tomorrow we have all been FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.

Luckily and with MASSIVE THANKS to Jennifer Tefft we have somewhere to play now.

We are playing at The Satellite in Silverlake it is a fundraiser for ourselves as we are completely fucked. If you don't buy a ticket and come down and help us out we will be forced to leave Jasper in LA and trust me you do not want him as a neighbour he is a massive prick.

Here are the set times

The Hundred Days are on at 5-30pm

Art VS Science are on at 6-30pm

Art Brut are on at 7.30pm

You can get tickets HERE

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Goddess Nomad Esq. said...

Tickets purchased. I'll be at the bar if you need charity beverages as well.