Friday 28 September 2012

Fade To Grey.

I hate any music that is not guitar music. Or at least I thought that was how I felt.

Apparently my flatmate Mark has been sneaking into my room when I'm asleep and playing me minimal wave and electropop from the time period 1978 - 1984.

Turns out I now love it. So much in fact that we have decided to start a club night to share his AWESOME record collection with you. The launch night is Tuesday 2nd at Dazzle Danzclub on Danziger Strasse. Come and get drunk with us. It is €5 entry. Whoop!

Mark's radio shows are HERE if you want to have a listen.

and here is the AWESOME poster.


Jane is a said...

That's really funny because I thought you were the one who got me into electro pop years ago.

Mark said...

It's true, I subject my flatmate Eddie to subliminal electropop indoctrination - one day synthesizers will rule our humble planet... All hail the VCO!!

kauft-mein-buch.blogspot said...

I want to come there!