Monday, 21 January 2013

Wam! Bang! Pow!

My main squeeze Art Brut   have a Best Of out later this year (we've been releasing records for ten years, we are now a classic rock band)

As well as being in Art Brut I am also a Lo-Fi Punk Rock Motherfucker and over the summer I recorded some songs because I was BORED.

You can now buy them over HERE

I like my records to come with a physical release too. The CD is dead however so I have made paintings for each song as well as a lino cut with hand written lyrics.

Here is the lino cut. Blood sweat and tears went into making these. Literally as I'm still learning how to use a craft knife and cut my finger making them which made me bleed and cry a little bit. (Motherfuckers are allowed to cry sometimes)

It cost £20 for the lino print with the handwritten lyrics and that includes postage to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. So there is no need to email me and ask if I will ship to you. I will. Same goes for the paintings that are in acrylic on 20cm x 40cm canvass and look like this.

Wam! Bang! Pow! #1

Wam! Bang! Pow! #2

Wam! Bang! Pow! #3

Wam! Bang! Pow! #4

There is only one of each painting they cost £60 each (again including postage)

If you would like to buy a lino print or song email me at

Enjoy the fucking songs.

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