Monday 21 November 2016

What is your favourite album?

This is an art project, I've been thinking about for a while.

Last year I made a special series of 'mug shot paintings'. - I am still making them in fact you can buy them.HERE 

For those paintings, I painted peoples favourite mugs into a painting. I loved making them as I'm very nosey and it was cool to see what everybody's favourite cup looked like.

What I like more than cups though is music. Every time I was painting a mug I would think this is cool. But I'd much rather be painting this persons favourite album.

Also like I said I'm nosey.

So as a new art project, I'd like to paint peoples favourite albums.

Originally I thought that I might refuse to do a few bands Stone Roses, Radiohead etc. But that does not seem in the spirit of the enterprise. So instead what I have decided to do is paint absoloutely any album, but to write a small review of it on the back of the painting. So yeah, you can ask me to paint the Second Coming, or Murmur by REM you just might not like what I write on the back of it.

To ensure the album is from a fresh perspective I will listen to the album I am painting as I am painting it (even the Stone Roses) 

Here is a painting of one of my favourite albums The Sunset Tree by The Mountain Goats

Paintings are in acrylic on a canvas board  for the 30cm x 30cm (12 inch record)  £95

or on stretched canvas15cm x 15cm and cost £60

both prices include postage to anywhere. and you can buy them from HERE

If you dont have a favourite album but your favourite single is either Modern Art or Formed a Band by Art Brut I can help you there too...

I look forward to painting your favourite album (even the Stone Roses)

Eddie X

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