Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I've had a lot of request's from people who would like to buy my Painting "Ignorance Is Bliss".

I cant sell it to everybody and I feel prints are impersonal,so I've made twenty replicas on postcard sized canvass and am intending on making another twenty when I have the chance.

There is no C.D or song written specifically for the painting this time although there is an Art Brut B-Side called "Ignorance is Bliss"

I'm making so many I bulk bought paint and canvass this time.

They are Twenty Pounds each.

I've already sold half of this set of twenty.

Enquiries to eddie.argos.resource@gmail.com


Maria Le Frink's Bored Youth said...

this is a good paiting.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance may well be Bliss, but how does that correlate with the reknowned philosophical theory that 'Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet?'. Discuss.

Anonymous said...

When i think that we live in a world where smoking a cigarette is a great act of rebellion, i feel a bit depressed !

Miss F said...

love your blog. last night i dreamt that there's a new post online. still, art brut ist great.