Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Vichy Regime

To celebrate the re release of one of the greatest albums ever Hefner's "The Fidelity Wars" here is a (very) Lo Fi cover version of the last track from it.

Brought to you by the same people behind Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now.

Sung and recorded into a Laptop about a month ago,I've just been slack about getting it up.

I suppose when we do straight covers we should be called the Vichy Regime.

It was also recorded (due to a series of unusual coincidences) to celebrate the wedding of Josh Baze to Allie Burnet so Congratulations to them on their Wedding I wish I could have seen them dance to it.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I love it. Best song I've heard in a long long time.

x H x

Anonymous said...

Good job! It's about time there were some Hef covers out there!

*leanne* said...

lovelovelove hefner! nice work xx

Anonymous said...

I stood next to Darren Hayman for 2 hours on Saturday. Sadly i didnt know it was him... until later on
I'm posting this anonomously ;)

*leanne* said...

dear eddie, can you fix it for me...

i think you should do a whole album of hefner covers. including sad witch & hello kitten please!