Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I had an ace Christmas. I spent it at my girlfriends parents house in San Francisco. 

Even though I was so far away from home Father Christmas still managed to find me. 

He brought me The Audacity Of Hope by Barrack Obama and a Tea Cosy.

When I unwrapped the Tea Cosy at first I thought it was a wooly novelty hat.I think I even said thank you for the Hat. 

Being very British and therefore incredibly polite, even though I would have looked ridiculous in it.I had every intention of wearing the "hat" all day and acting as if I thought I looked great in it. 

Then as I started to take it out of the wrapping I noticed that it had a hole in one side. Instead of noticing the tea cup though and realising what it was I thought to myself

 "Is this a balaclava? are they taking the piss?" 

Once I found the other hole and eventually worked out what I was holding. I gave a very loud sigh of relief. 

I was very grateful for a tea cosy as I drink a lot of tea. As the relief from not having to wear it in public streamed across my face though. I must have looked insane with gratitude.

Dyans Parents must now think that I really really like tea cosys 


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt write it off as a fashion statement just yet. You look simply dashing in it.

Happy new year Eddie :)

Anonymous said...

lovely! i returned to london from CA for xmas this year and bought a similar hat in burton of all places. Never thought of using it as a tea cosy. Might put it on the kettle anyway, see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Be your next Christmas in sunny California or in the chilly UK, there is sure to be a hat 'neath the tree.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha!!that's made my day,the picture of that "hat"on you.It suits you Eddie,its very chic,really.Keep wearing it.