Thursday, 8 January 2009

Helen Love

I first heard Helen Love in session on Mark and Lard's radio show about eleven years ago. Mark and Lard were on quite late at night. So I used to record their show even though I was listening to it. Just in case I fell asleep. 

The first thing I did the morning after Helen Love were on was to fast forward through the tape to find the session. Helen Love were so good I thought I must have dreamed them. 

After I found out that the session was indeed real I played it over and over. It was before the internet. My local record shop didn't stock Helen Love records. So I only had that session to listen too whilst waiting for the albums. They took ages to arrive. 

Whilst waiting for those albums I taped the only three songs that I had over and over on to the same tape. As a sort of make shift album so I could walk the entire way to school listening to Helen Love on my walkman without having to fidget around with the rewind button.

I like Helen Love a lot.

If you haven't Heard Helen's music before go have a listen HERE.

Now go vote for her on Steve Lamacq's Rebel playlist HERE


Anonymous said...

WOW! Hadn't heard Helen before but she's fantastic, very addictive music!

Wondering - are you doing any shows in February? I am coming to America for the first time and want to see some gigs while there :)

Unknown said...

Dave Gorman's blog said to vote, then I read yours, and it says to vote too! Who am I to argue. Plus I love all their CDs.


Hello Manda yeah Helen Love is brilliant.

Im not sure when we're playing in the states next. I think our touring starts March/April time As the album is out in april.

Where do you live maybe? we're coming to you at some point.

Hello Mikey. The first time I saw Dave Gorman live I thought I was hallucinating. As before he came on he played all of my favourite songs in a row,some of them were quite obscure too. He seems to be my musical taste twin.

Anonymous said...

Hi hi!

Not coming to the state anymore... apparently I pose a security threat, and they wont give me a visa :(

Anyhoo, I live in Sydney Australia... its a long trip, so dont come just on my account, but it would be nice to see your live show at some stage :)