Sunday, 19 April 2009

Art Brut VS Satan is out today, for most people.

I was going to write something clever here. But Barnaby Fudge already put it so succinctly on the Art Brut website I am going to copy it verbatim....

Art Brut vs. Satan OUT MONDAY
Dearest Internet

The day is finally upon us. After the months of speculation, analysis and weight training our team is finally ready... Ready for the biggest fight of their lives and yours.

Art Brut vs. Satan will hit UK shelves Monday 20th April.

Cheering from the sidelines is no help to us or your fellow countrymen. Conscientious objection will not be tolerated. Sign up or be shamed...

In support of this, two enlisting offices will be playing host to our heroes -

Pure Groove Records, London, Monday 20th, 6pm

Banquet Records, Kingston, Thursday 23rd, 6pm

Remember, age limit is no issue so all those under 18s come and vent your licensing law frustration!

yours victorious

Barnaby Fudge

You can order Art Brut VS Satan HERE or buy it from itunes HERE

On itunes it comes with the extra track 'Moved To LA' and a digital booklet.


Anonymous said...

Nice photoshopping putting your face over.... Nikolas II, tsar of Russia until 1917?

Steven Crossley said...

Well my town (Bury) officially sucks. Don't have the new album in, THAT'S FINE!

I'm ordering it online instead.

Will said...

Any idea of an US release date?

Boosh said...

Just checked Amazon. Mine has been dispatched. :D I feel all giddy and light headed