Tuesday, 14 April 2009


I see Blur have handpicked the support bands for their reunion shows. In my opinion they've made some pretty unfortunate choices.

Art Brut have handpicked our support too. Proving if nothing else we have much better taste than Blur.

 We have chosen The Robocop Kraus. We chose them even though they are one of the best live bands we've ever seen. We like a bit of a challenge.

Here is the video for their AMAZING single 'You Don't Have To Shout'

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Rob Allan said...

they seem really good!
and eddie, you do realise that the signed lyrics havent arrived yet, right? :(

Boosh said...

i'm always intimidated by support bands with massive back catalogues. There's absolutely no way i can familiarise myself with that much material before the gigs...
any pointers?


I recommend 'The Think They Are The Robocop Kraus' and the newest one 'Blunders And Mistakes'

They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus is my favourite.

They are so good live though it doesn't matter if you dont know their songs. I didnt the first time I saw them and they blew me away.

Boosh said...

Apologies for spamming the hell out of you recently but I thought you might like to know that that was £10 very well spent, cheers :D

Karembeu said...

They were fantastic live, really entertaining. They have to be the best support band I've seen.

You guys were great too, thought you might've played 'Am I Normal?' though.


-sandra- said...

excellent choice. brilliant live band. you have taste.

StvnMtthwJms said...

Is it just me or does the singer of The Robocop Kraus sound a lot like Mark Smith of The Fall, which is completely not a bad point.