Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now

ALBUM AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD...NOW ( in some places)Fixin' The Charts has come out a little early on some Amazon websites as a download.

I know for a fact it has come out in the UK and you can download it HERE

and in Germany HERE

I don't know where you live though so maybe check the Amazon in your country although it may well just be those two.

The album is officially out on 25th Jan in the UK/Europe and about a week later in the US.


Adrian Mules said...

Hi Eddie - I reviewed it here http://www.themusicfix.co.uk/content/review/8351/everybody-was-in-the-french-resistancenow.html at TMF. Really enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you. Adrian

Cash Bingo said...

nice artwork.
looks vaguely familiar for some reason :P

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