Sunday, 20 December 2009


Glam Chops is a Glam band that I am in. We played last night. I think it went quite well. Especially considering I've pretty much been out the country since October and we'd not had a chance to rehearse.

It was the first time we'd ever played our Christmas song live. We released it last year as a download for free. As we thought it might cheer people up in the bad economic climate.

We are still in a bad economic climate. So it is still free.

You can get it HERE

It's the second Christmas single I've been apart of. I was on Black Box Recorders song 'Christmas Number One' two years ago.

Im a bit sad that I was too busy with Art Brut/Everybody was In The French Resistance...Now this year to record a christmas song.

I think to make it up I want to record an entire Christmas album with Glam Chops for next Christmas. I've just got to convince the rest of them its a good idea.


Delia Sparrow said...

Funnily enough Tim thinks a Glam Chop Xmas album is an EXCELLENT idea!
uh-oh!!!! My entire Xmas will be dotted with 'honey honey listen to this! Hey Hey Hey Snow Snow Snow' etc etc.
Thanks Eddie!
Have a nice Xmas Eddie!
x Delia x

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