Monday, 5 July 2010

Lyric Free-Cycle

There is a thing called free-cycle in which people put items they no longer want on to the internet in case other people would like them and then if other people do want them those people can come round that first persons house and collect them of that person for free.

Thats not a very good description but you get the idea.

I've been writing lyrics all day. This involves me going through my phone and looking at all the ideas I've had, funny little rhyming couplets and what not. I threw a lot of them away as I was clearly mental and or drunk when I saved them into my phone

for example

"This Kanye West, Taylor Swift thing. Looks as real as proffessional wrestling"

being just one that I've thrown away. (EWITFR...N were going to write a song about the MTV Awards).

As I was banging my head on my desk earlier trying to think of lyrics. I thought it would be nice if there was a writing version of Free-cycle. Im sure someones got the lyrics I need somewhere and I may have the lyrics they are after saved in my phone.

I was going to start it and call it 'Lyric Free-Cycle' but I think half the fun of writing lyrics is chasing down that elusive rhyme. Also I think it might cause a problem with my publisher.

So I've decided not to start it. You can if you like but dont send me the link as I think it will spoil my fun.


Jonny Briers said...

That would be a pretty great website
Don't worry I haven't set it up, but I write songs and a lot of my lyrics are very you-inspired. Feel free to steal some rhymes/ideas from me haha, I'd be honoured if you just checked them out!
And I can't sing either
Please let me know if you give them a listen it would mean a lot to me!

Keith Teeth said...

I thought I was alone when it comes to saving random shit on phones! I have pages full of crap that people wouldn’t take if I offered them money. Looking at my phone now my latest ones are - "all your friends are pasties now filled with not very nice things at all..." and there’s one suggesting someone should get David Cameron in a Boston Crab while someone else gets him in a Camel Clutch at the same time...


Hey Jonny. I like your songs they remind me a bit of Wimpy Milkshake or the TVP's. I couldn't get your Mountain Goats cover to work for some reason. I love Jenny though its one of my favourites by them.

Keith. I like those lyrics. The last thing I found in my phone was "Can you open of up, CAN YOU OPEN OF UP" I have no idea what it means.