Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert! are a mysterious group of people that write songs about superheroes. They are a band definitely not made up of mild-mannered Dyan Valdes, Keith TOTP and Eddie Argos, even though they sound like they might be.

Eddie is far too busy writing the next Art Brut album to be writing songs exclusively about Superheroes

Dyan is too busy planning The Blood Arm's forthcoming European tour (In November)

and Keith is busy getting his own album ready for release.

So like I said it's definitely not us.

The songs were certainly not mixed by Micky Strickson nor were they recorded at Dean St Studios. DC Comics in no way endorses these songs, although the revenue earned from them will be spent on DC Comics (and maybe some wine), so what goes around comes around.

Their first EP which contains songs about Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Batman is available from the Indelicates record label Corporate Records. Which I wrote about before HERE.

Buy the songs HERE

They can be contacted through


Vague Rant said...

Eddie, would you help me out, how does the last verse of "Booster Gold" go. The one about Maxwell Lord murdering Blue Beetle, BG becoming Supernova, fixing timeline anomalies and hiding his identity so nobody goes back and kills him as a baby. Love the EP, bought it as soon as I saw this in my RSS reader (for 2 pounds, sorry, I am poor).

gdpreston said...

Great work ... whoever you are!

Salvatore Giuseppe said...

"I'm Dick Grayson at the moment!"

Possibly the best ending line to a song ever. Whoever Spoiler Alert is managed to turn one of the biggest events in recent Batman into a throwaway last line. I was laughing out loud for a while after that.

Top Ten said...

Happy you and Valdes aren't in Spoiler Alert. It means you'll have more time to work on the second part for Everybody Was in the French Resistance Now. Hoping for a response to Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. Lyrics... "Ohhhh, we'll never get there. Whoa, we don't need prayer." Or something.

Derek W said...

I'm a new fan.... great stuff!

Jack said...

I want a new ep from Spoiler Alert! PRONTO!!!!

I love this ep

NickP said...

I bought it.
I liked it.
More please.
You've done the Bs... what next? Captain Marvel? Catwoman?
Whatever, I'm sure they'll be good.