Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Indie Disco/ White Noise.

I am an expert of the Indie Disco. Let me tell you why.

My touring with Art Brut has taken me all over the world. Unfortunately I am often too busy or hungover to do any sightseeing. For example I have never been to The Statue of Liberty in New York, The Capitoline museums in Rome or The Jane Austen Center in Bath. I have been to Indie Disco's in all of these exotic places though.

When I am on tour I sometimes end up at an Indie Disco five or six times a week.I have learnt from each and every Indie Disco I have been too. If I was to go on Mastermind my specialist subject would be The Indie Disco.

Here are some Indie Disco facts

90 per cent of all Indie Discos are called London's Calling.

The remaining 10 per cent are all called Panic.

Indie Discos don't play enough Helen Love.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of my Indie Disco knowledge.

I am utilizing my Indie Disco expertise with Dyan Valdes from The Blood Arm (who has a very similar set of skills) this Saturday the 2nd of April at White Noise at White Trash in Berlin see you there.

I'm also hosting Rock And Roll Bingo at White Trash tomorrow. For my friends 8 Legs/Great White Shark. Unfortunately my knowledge of Bingo is not as vast as my knowledge of The Indie Disco but I'm a fast learner and you should come to that too.


Anonymous said...

No apostrophe before the s in plurals.

Bristoolium said...

Well said re lacking essential Helen Love tunes. Also indie disco tends to always cross the Shed Seven divide to early - I need to be literally spilling snakebite n black on my trainers before that's right...