Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I love postcards I explain why HERE.

I've been making them for every show I've played for quite sometime now. I like the thought of something unique and personal being available from each of our shows.

Last night Art Brut played at Jericho in Oxford you can see the postcard in my previous post and then the back of it after the show HERE. I've smudged John's address out with iPhoto so you dont all send him letters.

Tonight a band that sounds a bit like Art Brut (but definitely isn't us) called We Formed A Band is playing at the Enterprise in Camden. So I've made a post card for them.

It is in acrylic paint on two pieces of canvas. Once it is bought I attach one of my stamps and write about the show on the canvas that is the back of the postcard. This postcard cost £40.

I can be contacted at

Hopefully see you later. I will be down the front.

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