Monday, 23 May 2011

Art Brut Reunion Shows.

Hello. Art Brut's new album is out you should go and buy it. You can do that HERE and on vinyl HERE

How long do you have to be away, before you play a reunion show? The (brilliant) Death From Above 1979 only went away for five years before their reunion shows. I'm intending on trimming that down to two years. Art Brut's last album was out 2 years ago so this is a reunion tour.

To get around Europe on this reunion tour we are using a white van, with a Sat-Nav. This is a classic. A text book touring experience.

What is unusual about this tour though is that this Sat Nav has quite a peculiar sing song voice especially for a robot whose main purpose is to tell you what direction to go in. Because of this every time it informs us

'at the end of the road.....turn right'

I expect it to break into a version of 'At The End Of The Road' by Boyz 2 Men.

This started me thinking, I would like a singing Sat-Nav. It could tell you to Go West, Turn, Turn Turn, to U-Turn and to Spin it Right Round Baby Round Round. Then when it's limited song based directions got you lost, especially as they all seem to be about going round in circles, it could tell you that you were On The Road To Nowhere

I admit though it would get annoying after a few hours at which point we could just switch it off and Go Our Own Way.

Tonight we are playing at Trix in Belgium. Here is the postcard.

I write about why I make postcards HERE. I'm also selling the few 'Fuck Rock Let's Art' paintings I have left. See you at the T-Shirt Stand

All love Eddie Argos X


Anonymous said...

Sat Nav Rock hacks
Stop in the name of love
Stop Look and Listen by Mega City Four
To the left, to the right (stereo mcs song)
One Way - Levellers
The boy done wrong again (belle and sebastian)
'Right! Now....' from the start of Anarchy in the Uk
or 'Right Here Right now' from that Oasis song that was like an embrace song, dya know what i mean?

annette said...

"Fiche le camp, Jack"
Richard Anthony

for the french Autobahnen!

Art Brut 29600 said...

"Middle Of The Road" by Denim!