Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Brilliant! Tragic! The Comic Book.

I don't think it's a secret that I'm a massive fan of comic books. So for Art Brut's new album Brilliant! Tragic! we decided we would compile a comic book version of Brilliant! Tragic! to release at the same time. It has lots of my favourite artist's contributing to it.

In alphabetical order

I've seen most of it and it looks AMAZING. I'm still over the moon and incredibly flattered that these artists took time out to work on it. I cant wait to hold the print copy in my hands.

Now this is where you come in. I always loved reading the letters column in comics. Booster Gold's was called The Gold Exchange and I used to read it before I read the story to help build the anticipation. I could never write into The Gold Exchange though as I was buying the comics second hand five years later. You can however write into the Brilliant! Tragic! comic with any question you have and we will endeavor to answer the best ones.

Barnaby Fudge will be in charge of answering the questions so address them to him at

or in the comments section below (I know that he reads my blog)


Barnaby Fudge said...

I do not read your blog.

Unknown said...

It sounds great!

This might be too early but, how/where will the comic be sold? I'm in Mexico. Is there a way I'll be able to get it?

Jamie S. Rich said...

I had multiple letters published in Booster Gold comics. It was my favorite book for a while. And look at me now!

Foxy said...

Where the Dickens shall I be able to buy this wonderous thing. If you could answer that here rather than in the comic it will be good as it will stop you looking a bit like Viz..

Thanks Eddie and I hope Berlin finds you well.

Maurice said...

Awesome idea, I'm so going to buy this one when it's released. Btw. want some Art Brut fanart for the letters page, too? ;)

PJ McQuade said...

Can't wait Eddie, love the new album.

highnumber said...

Dear Art Brut,
Do you all think the instrument should be called an "electric bass" or a "bass guitar"?


Robert said...

Dear Mr Argos,

Who would win in a fight between you and David O'Doherty?


Robert (aged 30 and a half)

Matt said...

Dear Art Brut,

This question has been troubling my friends and I for months, and we can never decide. Would you rather have 1 $50 stripper or 50 $1 strippers?

Matt (Seattle)