Friday, 26 June 2015

Art Exhibiton

I had an art exhibition a little while a go, my first in the US. It was great. I was exhibiting alongside Lee Ranaldo whose art I love, and I got to fly out for it and everything.

It was for The Show On The Road, an AMAZING art gallery, or if you like 'visual food truck'

I'm a little bit in love with the idea of a 'visual food truck' I like that it is 'pedestrian level art, not high art or low art but road art' Karen Light who runs The Show On The Road explains her idea much better than I ever could in this video 

I was over in the US with the exhibition for the period of SXSW which was ace too, we were in the convention centre, here is a video of me performing a weird stripped down version of Modern Art inside the gallery.

We sold loads of paintings. HOORAY..but there are still some left and I thought it would be a good opportunity for some Americans, who have wanted to buy some of my art in the past but not wanted to pay for it in GBP or to have to pay the expensive shipping to get it across the Atlantic, to buy some.

I'm also proud of the paintings and want to put them on my blog.

Here they are with prices.

These three are from my new 'Talking To The Kids' series of paintings, despite the K is for Kultfigur looking smaller they are all the same size as you can see HERE

A is for Art: Acrylic on 20cm x 20cm canvas = $85 + P&P

F is for Fanzine: Acrylic on 20cm x 20cm canvas = $85 + P&P

K is for Kultfigur: Acrylic on 20cm x 20cm canvas = $85 + P&P

Last year I finished making my Ignorance is Bliss, Clever Clever Jazz, and Fuck Rock Lets Art series of paintings forever, but I still had one or two of the larger paintings left, they were on exhibition too.

I don't make these anymore. Besides the MASSIVE originals, I don't think I have any even in Berlin. If you are a fan of these motifs than it is pretty much your last chance to buy them.

Here they are

Ignorance Is Bliss: Acrylic on canvas 40cm x 30cm = $125

Fuck Rock Lets Art: Acrylic on canvas 40cm x 30cm = $95

Clever Clever Jazz: Acrylic on canvas 25cm x 30cm = $125

I also made a smaller version of a St Pauli painting I was commissioned to paint a few years ago

St Pauli: Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40cm = $100

And some smaller versions of my transparent mix tapes from my exhibition in Berlin earlier this year.

There are three different versions of this all 30cm x 60cm acrylic on canvas $145 each.

The postage on all of these paintings is somewhere between $10-15 and every painting gets a free Brilliant! Tragic! Art Brut comic included so all in all a bargain!

These are not the best photos and the best way to see the paintings is definitely to visit the truck in Austin

I mean look at this!

The Show On The Road is at Austin Daily Press for free beer Friday every Friday, driving around Austin in the week and is also going to be at THIS which looks great. And is also available for all sorts of events.

Get in touch with if your interested in finding out more about The Show On The Road or if you are interested in buying a painting you can email either of us. I'm

All love X

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