Thursday, 5 November 2015

Double D

I have written a graphic novel it's a collaboration with Steve Horry who is brilliant and designed the covers for two of my books, Keith Top Of The Pops album artwork and a drew a picture of Art Brut posing like the JLI. All of which you can see HERE

Our book is called Double D and is about an overweight schoolboy who discovers he can use his excess body weight to fuel super heroic abilities.

The book is coloured by David Cooper, lettered by Colin Bell and edited by Alex Sarll. An AMAZING TEAM.

It is released Wednesday 11th November.

You can read two exclusive pages on Pitchfork HERE

And five! Exclusive pages on Comic Book Resources HERE

Once you've read those previews you should go and order a copy. Thanks.

It's released by Image so is easy to get in your local comic shop or online

If you have never gone into a comic shop to order a comic before HERE is a handy guide from our friend Kieron Gillen

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