Friday, 6 November 2015


I really enjoy making the same painting over and over again.

I'm genuinely trying to make each one identical, so the slight differences that occur between each painting fascinate me, as do how the paintings change over time. What I'm doing is a productive form of naval gazing I guess, and also a form of mediation. It is very satisfying to come out of a very deep thought after hours of contemplation and find myself surrounded by paintings that I've made.

I retired a lot of my motif's last year. And have been working on a lot of new paintings.

I did not retire  Formed A Band though. Formed A Band is my favourite painting to make. I've made and sold more than 200 of them, all in different sizes. 

I love the fact that there are hundreds of Formed A Band paintings out there, resting on peoples shelf's or hung on peoples walls. I'm an idiot, so believe in magic and I honestly believe that is a mystical energy being released from this motif being out in the wild, that powers my DIY endeavours. I'd turn it into wallpaper if I could and then try and convince people to plaster their houses with it. TILL I BECOME ALL POWERFUL.


While I didn't retire the Formed A Band motif. I did presume that everybody who wanted one already had one. I have had a few email requests though of people asking if they could buy one for their loved one for a Christmas present so I am making some this week. 

For this week only if you'd like to buy a Formed A Band painting. You can get them from my shop.

They are 40 x 30 cm, acrylic paint on canvas board.

and they are HERE

And if you really like the Motif there is a MASSIVE one HERE

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