Thursday, 11 December 2008


As of yesterday we are ten songs in to "Art Brut Versus Satan". We had a pretty full on day yesterday. We spent all of it working on an eight minute song called "Mysterious Bruises". I haven't quite finished the words for it yet so I got to spend the day in the same room as the rest of Art Brut working the lyrics out. Normally they keep me in a cupboard.

Im not being kept in a cupboard against my will. It is because for the first time ever we are all recording our parts at the same time and my voice isn't allowed to bleed into the recording of the other instruments. Although I think they are also keeping me in a cupboard to stop me eating all the M&M's that are in their part of the studio.

I don't mind being kept in a cupboard though. I am safe from prying eyes in there. Which is very useful. I am ever so slightly more "sing-y" on this album and I've realised my voice sounds a bit better if I dance like Mick Jagger whilst I sing and I couldn't possibly do that with the rest of the band watching.

So to recap I am living in a hotel in Salem on a diet of sausage gravy and spending my days locked in a cupboard dancing like Mick Jagger.


Anonymous said...

When I heard you were making album called Art Brut versus Satan I got all exited and thought you wear making cover album of Heavenly songs darn it

alice said...

Sounds fun. I would love to be lacked away from the world, sadly this is not the case

I have discovered my voice sounds like shit, but I already knew that lol. go onto my myspace
and go onto the sockpuppets in my friends its one of my brothers bands! its is awesome! although I am a bit biast.

csh said...

In our hotel in Chapel Hill there was breakfast like that very morning, with biscuits, and then free friend chicken and coleslaw and potato salad in the afternoon. And both days I was there they had leftover snacks from conferences or something in the lobby, crisps and cookies and stuff. When I live in America I will become very fat.

Are you walking around downtown asking for directions to the witch museum? That is what I would be doing.