Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Passenger.

>Have you seen The South Park episode in which every thing they attempt in the programme they have to stop as they find out the Simpsons have done it before them?

I have that with Jonathan Richman or at least I used to before I owned every recorded sound he's ever made.

The first time I visited Paris I came home with the intention of writing a song about it.I found out almost immediately that Jonathan Richman had beaten me to it.

I love Chocolate Milkshake. I love it so much I started to write a song about it.I found out after I had started  writing that Jonathan had beaten me to it. So I stopped.

I used to be a Goth (a long time ago) and before I was in a relationship. I still used to get crushes on Goth girls. That's a funny thing to write about I thought. Put pen to paper. Then put on my latest Jonathan Richman purchase and found out that he'd beaten me to it.

So I admit now. That I know Jonathan Richman has a very good song about riding the bus (an amazing version of it can be found HERE) but wrote my own anyway.

I cant drive. I dont really ever intend to learn either. I love taking the bus and the train.I love being late for everything and I love feeling the lack of responsibility that being on the way to somewhere gives you. The feeling of not yet being somewhere but of having already left somewhere else.

I've not nicked any lyrics though.

My Dad once stole a load of Nick Cave lyrics to impress a girl claiming that they were poetry he'd written. I warned him the dangers of that by saying 

"There is always someone somewhere with a big nose who knows,who will trip you up and laugh when you fall"

 and he said thats very good who wrote that, and I said

"I did"


Anonymous said...

My respect grows for Eddie every day - Jonathon richman eh? I love lesbian bars, thought I'd write a song about that...

If you have ever tried to be funny, you are either copying Gervais, Brand - or if you say anything surreal, I feel like I'm ripping off Noel Fielding. It hurts.
I feel like I'm ripping off people like vice a lot of the time, but hey - just do it!

Anonymous said...

...And succeeding to be funny would be ripping off different people entirely. Breathing air isn't that original, either.

Quick, before it seems like my idea, write a song about Sir Richman pre-plagiarising you.

Karen said...

see, i always knew you loved riding trains. which is why i put you on the wrong one. left you to be irresponsible for that much longer.

(and btw, i reckon thats a large part of why you love LA - aka the city thats all about getting places, not at all about being there).