Wednesday, 17 December 2008


We finished recording 'Art Brut Versus Satan' a few days ago.It took less than two weeks. I don't know what Axl Rose's problem is he must be very lazy. We've been mixing since Monday. So I have had a bit of spare time on my hands. Spare time that I have spent traipsing around in the snow

After unsuccessfully looking for Booster Gold 15 in Portland on Monday. I tried again on Tuesday in Salem. 

I'd been told the Borders in the mall had a few comics in stock. I'm a very optimistic man so I headed off through the snow to the mall. When I got to the mall I studied the very complicated map they had there, to find out where the Borders was. After about five minutes I finally decided I couldn't work it out and ended up just walking around all the shops until I stumbled across it.

Borders only carry Batman and Superman comics.I was tempted to buy a Superman comic as I love Geoff Johns writing but its quite far into the current story so I'm going to wait till its all collected together in one big book. I haven't been able to buy a Batman comic in a while. The last time I read a Batman comic I hated it. I haven't really given Grant Morrison's Batman RIP a chance because I really didn't like Batman and Son. Whenever I read about Batman RIP though it gives me the same nauseous feeling I get when I read about The Velvet Underground's reunion in 1993. That feeling  that a lot of good work is being undone.

Borders recommended that I try a place called Border Lines. When I got to Border Lines it looked so much like a Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, Pokemon, den that I actually asked at the counter if he knew where the nearest comic book store was. He was actually very nice and showed me the small corner of his store where he sells comics. They didn't have Booster Gold 15 either. He apologised  and explained to me that Salem was "more of a Marvel comics town". As I left and looked back through the window at all the strange men playing with action figures and pretending to be Wizards. I understood what he meant. People like me that read DC comics would never let ourselves look so ridiculous.

Border Lines recommended a place called Danger Zone. This is more like it I thought. I've been in strange towns looking for comics before. The shop called Danger Zone is always the best.

It was a long walk to Danger Zone. At one point I was walking through  snow that had been  untouched by other peoples feet. After about Forty Minutes I got to the shop and from the opposite side of the road it looked like a comic shop. I rushed towards the shop slipping slightly on the ice. It was a comic shop. Hooray. When I got into the shop though I could hear the owner talking on his phone about online gaming. Curses! I thought. It really is a Marvel town. Danger Zone didnt have Booster Gold 15 either he recommended I try Portland.

It seems there are no Booster Gold comics in the whole of Oregon. So it really is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here.

On the way back to the studio. In the middle of nowhere. I found a man's phone in the snow. There is no way anybody else would have been walking that way for a long time.So in a way his phone was saved by Booster Gold.


Anonymous said...

be resourceful- make your own. lazy jackass


Make my own Booster Gold Comics.?How would that work? I would know the ending.

I'd prefer to read one written by Dan Jurgens. Thank you for your unusual suggestion though.

Anonymous said...

i think strangemagic is bradford cox. or referring to bradford cox. have you read the daily news today? (pitchfork)

Anonymous said...

I nearly cried reading these last couple of blogs. Especially the one about the journey home, but also this futile Booster Gold 15 expedition.

I've been there. Not Salem, OR, and not on a comic hunt, but on similar trawls. I hope you get a copy in the end. DO let us know. With photographic evidence.


Ha Ha. I see.


Oh Dont worry Jamie. I WILL get a copy of Booster Gold.

Anonymous said...

New album - cool! But I like both Art Brut and Satan... What a duel!

Greetings from the Norwegian guy who catched your mic on Skral Festival this summer :) A fucking nice concert that was!

Who+ said...

The only time I met you, Mr A, it was in a Goth bar in Edmonton. Since then they've thrown me out of Canada and I am now in Seattle, which is quite close to Oregon in its way. I feel like I'm stalking you, extremely incompetently.

I know what you mean about roleplayers, cardfloppers and dicechuckers, having participated in such things AS WELL AS reading DC comics in my squanderous youth. I have to wonder though if some of them weren't looking at you and thinking "He wants Booster Gold 15? What a weirdo." Intolerance is great though, without it the world probably couldn't be arsed to get out of bed in the morning.

Can't wait for the new album, and all the best.


Maria said...

I'm not too interested in comics, but this was devastating to read. It was like that episode of the Twilight Zone where the guy had the rest of his life to read every book he wanted but then he broke his reading glasses. Well, I mean, it was equally upsetting. I need you to have this comic book. Can it not be bought online? How much does it cost? This needs to be fixed! Wait, is it this one? $3.00? I'd buy it for you and have it sent directly to you (and I'm in PA, so it's not like I'd track you down and move into the next hotel room or anything! Seriously. I'm not even the stalking and/or murdering type!)!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you would know the ending. And perhaps the illustration would be subpar. But here's the benefit of drawing your own as opposed to purchasing the work of dan jurgens: the pornography. the pornography.

Anonymous said...

also, I am not bradford cox. I don't know what that is referencing but I resent it.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Glad the new album is done, cant wait to hear it :)

Jazz said...

If you haven't yet, you MUST read the Preacher series - pick up a trade paperback - you will not be able to put it down.

Did Frank contribute vocals or guitar to the recording?

Anonymous said...

I Just wanted to add that ( is a great resource for finding out where reception problems are most likely to occur.

Unknown said...

I hear mixing finished a few days ago?

Back in the UK now?