Thursday, 26 February 2009


Alcoholics Unanimous was reviewed on 6 Music's Roundtable today. I take these things very seriously

I dont want to boast but I think I should let you know Art Brut won. We managed to beat U2, Depeche Mode, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Bat for Lashes and some other bands. Hooray. 

If you dont belive me you can listen again HERE. Its in the last hour of the show.

During the course of the programme we were refered to as "Indier than thou". Ian sent me a text just after the show finished saying 

"Indier than thou?..I'm in the middle of watching a Slayer DVD"

Boasting over.


Jazz said...

congrats eddie, though if it were a real battle I think Depeche Mode would have won - they look like they fight really dirty.

Anonymous said...

nah, that Karen O looks like she bites...


We have Ian.

Ian who is sat at home watching Slayer DVD's Probably with "Tits and Guns" written on his knuckles. Drinking home made cider.

We would win

Jazz said...

True, hopefully if I ever run into Ian he'll punch me with the 'tits' fist.

Watch out though, Gahan in so badass he tried to kill himself and failed, the man is Highlander!

Anonymous said...

And has Ian got these tattooed on or did he ask someone to badly draw them on with pen?

DaveCromwell said...

Eddie - why did you remove the update so that American's can watch your video? Who made you do this?

You claim to "love America" (well, the show 24 anyway - and yes, Bauer is right - had the feeble President and Senator just let him torture the prisoner - none of this terribleness would have ever happened . . .)

but anyway - I want to see your video with "gothic" Simon & Julia in it!


I didn't remove it because someone told me too. I changed the original link to pitchfork. Where the video is also streaming so didnt need two links.