Monday, 23 February 2009

The Cure

I used to be a goth. A long time ago and mainly to impress a girl. I had it all the long black hair, the leather trousers,the ridiculous make up. I even owned a Type O Negative album.

Thankfully I've left all that behind now. Although I do still drink cider and black and I do still fucking love The Cure.

That is why Art Brut have recorded Catch for this free NME CD that comes out with the magazine tomorrow.

Anyway HERE is the rest of the tracklisting. 


The Loss Adjuster said...

Methinks I need this.

Cate Lawrence said...

yeah me too, Cure are actually my favourite band and Catch is an absolute fave (besides Faith and Demise of course). Usually NME's has the cds nicked when they get over here. bugger.

Cate Lawrence said...

Actually, looking at the list, yours is the best choice of song...why wouldn't a band do Faith or Strange Day or Forever or something from Anomalities? argh!

Anonymous said...

who cares about the CD, you didnt mention the AMAZING free Kings of Leon poster thats in the NME this week too.

I'm buying four copies. I poster for each wall.

Anonymous said...

just listened to your cover of catch. My favourite cure song and I thought you're version was great, especially the emily kane lyrics at the end!
Just wondered when we're gonna get a chance to hear alcoholics unanimous? will the video be out soon?