Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fantastic Realm

I went on Iyare Igiehon's 6 Music breakfast show the other week. Thankfully it is recorded in the afterrnoon. Afterwards he interviewed for for his comics blog Fantastic Realm here is the video.

He's edited it really well as I definitely rambled on for hours. I was obviously a bit confused about when Batman and Robin #3 came out too. It was out yesterday. I'm off to buy it now.


James Marriott said...

Hmm...I missed a trick here then ;-)

Thanks anyway for your help with Alice's/my article

James, Dorchester

Anonymous said...

That was a good interview. You should definitely do a concept album about Booster Gold. You could finally use that song, "That's An Interesting Story, Future Boy!" that we wrote. Possible album titles:

1. Booster Gold Against The Soul
2. Bat(Man) Out Of Hell
3. After The (Booster) Goldrush
4. Dark Knight On The Edge Of Town
5. Shout At The (Dare) Devil
6. Gotham Skyline
7.(Daily) Planet Waves
8. A Hard Day's Dark Knight
9. Ghost Rider The Lightning